LTQ Android Setup Guide (Google Playstore)

Suitable Devices: Android Device on or above 2GB RAM/16GB or V2 & V3 Firesticks.

1)Simply visit the “Google PlayStore”

2)Search for “LTQ” and Install our app from there.

If you dont already have a subscription, Go to where you will be able to choose from one of our many subscriptions, once you have checked out with the subscription that suites you, you’ll receive an email, be sure to check your spam email! Within this email will be your username and password to access of system.

3)Once you have your Login Details provided by ShowTime Streams enter your Username and Password

4)Once logged in you will see a loading icon pop up whilst it is loading channels,epg,movies and tv shows

5)Now enjoy watching your subscription

If you have a VPN with us:
- If you have bought a vpn through us, then you can also connect through the app by going to configure vpn in settings
- Select server that you want to use
- Enter your VPN username and password and click save
- Once done click connect and your vpn is done
- when you start ltq then all you will need to do is go to settings and click connect on vpn

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